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This Cookie Policy (hereinafter also "Policy") is intended to describe the management methods of the site currently available at the address with reference to the use of Cookies or markers (hereinafter also "Cookies").
The site indicated above is owned by the company ICOVEN SRL (P.I. 0181395068) in the person of the legal representative p.t. based in Chieti Scalo (CH), Via Custoza, 52 
Cookies or markers (hereinafter also "Cookies") are packets of information sent by a web server (in this case from this site) to the Internet browser ( hereinafter also "Browser") of the user/visitor and automatically stored by the latter on the personal computer or mobile device (hereinafter also "Device") used for navigation and automatically sent back to the server at each subsequent access to the site.
This site uses only technical Cookies, therefore, for a complete use of the service, it is advisable to configure the Browser used for navigation in such a way that it accepts the receipt of the Cookies themselves.


1. General information on the cookies used
2. Cookies used for aggregate analysis of site visits
3. How to disable Cookies
4. List of Cookies used by the site

1. General information on the Cookies used

We inform you that by default almost all Browsers are set to automatically accept Cookies. However, users/visitors can change the default configurations at any time.
As specified above, disabling or deleting Cookies could however preclude optimal use of some areas/functions of the site or compromise the use of the services offered below. authentication.
If users/visitors want to decide each time whether to accept Cookies or not, they can also configure their Browser so that it generates a warning every time a Cookie is saved.
The Cookies used they can be of the following type: (1) persistent, i.e. they remain stored on the hard disk of the user/visitor's Device until they expire; (2) session, i.e. they are not stored permanently on the hard disk of the user/visitor's device and are deleted when the browser is closed.
Cookies are used to: (a) facilitate navigation for all inside the site and ensure its correct use; (b) facilitate access to services that require authentication (avoiding users having to re-enter authentication credentials each time they access the services); (c) for statistical purposes, to find out which areas of the site have been visited; (d) for an optimal management of the pages and advertising spaces; (e) to deliver content and advertising in line with the choices made by surfers (so-called behavioral advertising with dynamic creativity).
Session cookies are used to transmit the identifiers of the browsing sessions to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site. The session cookies used on this site avoid the use of other IT techniques potentially prejudicial to the browsing privacy of users/visitors and are also used to improve the provision of the services offered.
Furthermore, cookies can be specific of the site (used, for example, to know the number of pages visited within the site itself) or of third parties (that is, generated by other sites to deliver content on the site visited by users). This site may use anonymous third-party cookies in order to manage the delivery of advertising messages in a dynamic and advanced way. The most popular browsers provide for the possibility of blocking only third-party cookies, accepting only those specific to the site. Furthermore, some companies that generate Cookies on third-party sites offer the possibility of simply and immediately deactivating and/or inhibiting only their own Cookies, even when these are anonymous or do not involve the recording of personal identification data such as, for example, addresses IP.

2. Cookies used for aggregate analysis of site visits

Icoven Srl makes use of tools for the aggregate analysis of navigation data which allow it to improve the site (Google Analytics). These tools use cookies that are installed on the user/visitor's device in order to allow the site manager to analyze how users/visitors use the sites themselves. The information generated by the Cookies on the use of the sites by the user/visitor (including the anonymised IP address by masking some fields) will be transmitted and stored on Google's servers.

The aforementioned information may be used for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of the sites by users/visitors, for reporting activities and to provide other services relating to the activities of the sites, as well as for navigation. In any case, users/visitors will have the possibility to inhibit the use of Google Analytics and to prevent its storage on their Device through the appropriate browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics, made available by Google at the address

3. How to disable Cookies

Most Browsers are initially configured to automatically accept Cookies.
The user/visitor can change these configurations to inhibit Cookies or to warn that Cookies are being set on their Device. There are various ways to manage Cookies and, in this regard, the user/visitor can refer to the instruction manual or help screen of his Browser to find out how to configure or change the Cookie settings. In case of use of different Devices (e.g. personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the user/visitor must ensure that each Browser on each Device used is configured in such a way as to reflect their preferences regarding use of Cookies.

4. List of Cookies used by the site

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Cases in which the cookie is displayed


__utma, __utmb, __utmz, __utmv

All pages of the site

We use the information, obtained through limited tracking, to

improve the contents and navigation paths within the site. This information helps us understand, for example, the

number of pages viewed, the search engine of origin, the keyword used in the


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